Grail Timepieces: A Watch Roll To Brag About

Watch storage is something that doesn’t get talked about enough. Maybe you see discussions all over the place, but I don’t. To be fair, I don’t go searching for watch storage discussions really. It doesn’t appear to be something that I need help with, so I just don’t go hunting for anything. I have one,Continue reading “Grail Timepieces: A Watch Roll To Brag About”

Watch Collecting Regrets

My first watch was an analog grocery store pickup from Food Lion. It had the blue Power Ranger on the dial. I’ll never forget it. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the absolute best thing on television at the time and I absolutely loved it. The watch was a gift from my mother, so I guessContinue reading “Watch Collecting Regrets”

Change of Heart: My Moon Swatch, YouTube, & Watch Community Thoughts

I’m sure that from the title you can already tell that this is gonna be a little different than my usual content. This isn’t a review, a rant, or even a traditional post. The first quarter of the year is already over and a lot has happened for the site, a lot has happened inContinue reading “Change of Heart: My Moon Swatch, YouTube, & Watch Community Thoughts”

YouTube: A Watch Enthusiast Echo Chamber

Let me first say that I absolutely know that this opinion is going to be extremely controversial to a very specific group within a group of watch collectors. A large portion of you who are reading this may even disagree. This might even come across as argumentative, but that’s okay. Just hear me out becauseContinue reading “YouTube: A Watch Enthusiast Echo Chamber”

A Year On The Wrist

We’re closing in on the end of the year, and that can mean a lot of things. To some, it means enjoying the holidays or getting comfortable in a new living situation. To others it means being evaluated in your first year in a new job. To most of us it’s a time of reflection,Continue reading “A Year On The Wrist”

Homage Watches: Why I Stopped Listening To The YouTube Watch Community

Disclaimer: I’m accepting of all watch collecting strategies. Your collection is yours and you shouldn’t let anyone influence it in ANY way. However, getting your collection exactly where you want it takes patience, education, and experience. While I know that there are some exceptions in watch journalism, I do believe that there is an ongoingContinue reading “Homage Watches: Why I Stopped Listening To The YouTube Watch Community”