Sable Coffee Co: Why Don’t You Know About Them Yet?

Coffee. For a lot of us, making a cup of coffee is the first major decision of the day. Whether you use a mug, a commuter cup, or an overpriced plastic bucket with a weird octopus lady printed on either side, it’s a decision that could ultimately determine what kind of day you’re going to have. With it, you’re an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, but without it, you’re everyone’s least favorite person for the first few hours of the day. Whether you work in an office, at a construction site, or standing in front of a cash register, coffee probably isn’t far away. It smells good, it tastes good, and by God it makes you feel good. It’s your armor, your health bar, your enchanted weapon before heading through a gray mist to battle an inhuman videogame boss.

You’ve been drinking it for so long now that you don’t even remember your first cup. It’s a part of you. It’s attached itself to your identity. You’ve had a lot of different kinds. You’ve had it cold, hot, nitro-ed, and sometimes day-old. Coffee is a happy place for a lot of people, and for good reason. I could spend all month talking about coffee, but you’re here because of the title, right? Who is Sable Coffee Co.? Why am I talking about it? After drinking coffee for as long as I have, I get bored from time to time and just need to try something new. Maybe you’re looking for something different, too. Well, look no further. I’m gonna tell you why you should try Sable Coffee Co. right now.

About Sable Coffee Co.

Let’s start with some info about the company. Anthony over there was kind enough to send me some info about Sable and who better to get this explanation from than him.

“Sable Coffee Co was born out of the obligation to source from small farms around the world that work so hard to harvest their coffee berries. Cuppers were sent and tasked with finding these small farms. Gourmet craft coffee was then born when roasted by the team in Temecula. With Decades of experience roasting got better and better each year. Our cherries come from all around the globe. Beans are imported to the wine dominated city of Temecula, CA. Which has secret roasting artisans standing in the shadows of the award-winning wine industry. We found they were hiding a gem in the coffee roasting business. Our exceptional beans are
transformed into some of the finest roasted beans. Silky sweet caramel medium roasts to 6-bean dark roast blends. Our beans have been handpicked and tried in multiple brew variations to have the abilities to work with so many configurations. Bringing this fine coffee to you was our duty. We roast “Specialty Coffee” which are coffees at their peak and are different from other coffee because specialty coffee has been grown at the perfect altitude, at the correct time of year, in the best soil, and then picked at just the right time. All this translates into some of the most exciting and tasty coffee in the world. The term ‘Specialty coffee’ is used to refer to coffee that is graded 80 points or above on a 100 point scale by a certified coffee taster (SCAA) or by a licensed Q Grader (CQI).”

Okay It’s Me Again

Now, I don’t know what a lot of that means, but reading that, doing some research of my own, and looking at their website has told me one thing, these folks are devoted to supplying coffee addicts from all over with the absolute best tasting coffee that is currently available at a fair price. I couldn’t believe how much work goes into making a high quality coffee until I started reading about their process. I know a good watch, knife, wallet, belt, or dopp bag when I see one, but this seems all but impossible, but they did it and did it well.

Contrary to what you may think, I don’t have companies banging down my door to send me free products. I assure you that more company sponsored product reviews are coming, but I bought this bag with my own measly paycheck. I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t have a good feeling about this stuff. Thankfully I was right. I went with the Bali Blue “Kintamari”. It’s a medium-dark roast with notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar. I really like that this particular roast can be brewed multiple ways, too. It’s absolutely perfect for waking up in the morning and immediately improving my mood… because well… I don’t like waking up in the morning. That hard-charging, get it done attitude dissipated the moment that I separated from the United States Navy.

My Advice

I know that a lot of coffee drinkers boast about drinking coffee black, strong, and muddy, but I’m going to make a suggestion. Drink this particular roast the way it’s meant to be drunk. These people know what they’re doing. When you try to make it too strong, or in the rare case not strong enough, you lose the notes that were intentionally put there. If you try to be a hero and brew it on the strongest setting and drink it like a forty-five year old Master Chief days from retirement in an unwashed mug, you just won’t get it. You won’t see the appeal.

My Favorite Part

This will be short, but it needs to be said. This is the absolute cleanest tasting coffee that I’ve ever had. I couldn’t really find anything about why that is. I know that coffee SHOPS use filtered water to brew their coffee before handing it to a customer, but I can’t really find anything about what makes a coffee taste clean. I don’t always use filtered water when I brew coffee so that’s not it, but there’s something about this stuff. If you’re curious about this too, I would definitely reach out to Sable and mention this article. I’m sure that somebody will be able to tell you something. They’re extremely responsive on social media.

Final Thoughts

I just can’t rave about this coffee enough. I strongly recommend trying it out. They also have a great subscription system set up. Plus, your first bag is discounted when you sign up. There are multiple delivery frequencies, too. Some of us need it more often than monthly, and Sable definitely makes that possible. They even have a cool wholesale program too. Drop ’em a line.

Like I said earlier, if you’re reading this, you’re on the lookout for a new coffee to try, and it may as well be from Sable Coffee Co.. They care about coffee even more than you do and that’s what you want from a company that wants your business. I can assure you that they want it and even more importantly DESERVE it. Do yourself a favor and give Sable a shot. You won’t be disappointed. And maybe your search will be over.

Don’t be fooled, Kintamari isn’t the only roast available. Check out their whole lineup here.

Check out more from the Erik’s Wrist site here.

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