Grail Timepieces: A Watch Roll To Brag About

Watch storage is something that doesn’t get talked about enough. Maybe you see discussions all over the place, but I don’t. To be fair, I don’t go searching for watch storage discussions really. It doesn’t appear to be something that I need help with, so I just don’t go hunting for anything. I have one, but I don’t really travel that much, so it doesn’t get used very often. I also haven’t had a chance to get my hands on many. I just grabbed one that looked decent, paid a little extra to stamp my initials on it, and just went about my business.

Before I sat down to write this article though, I went on a mission to find out a little more about them. I learned about what’s good, what’s bad, what’s too expensive, what’s too cheap, and what would be worth my money. After all of that time I was disappointed to learn that good ones are just too expensive. I could buy a fantastic watch for the same price. I mean, yeah, I wouldn’t have anywhere to store it, but who cares, it’s a new watch.

All of that aside, the folks over at Grail Timepieces were kind enough to reach out and ask for a review of their watch roll. If you’ve been to this blog enough you’d know that I don’t really do reviews. I don’t have the time or the patience for them, but times are changing. Plus, I’ve been pretty vocal about how I feel about this kind of stuff. That being said, the blog is actually picking up steam and people want to hear my opinion. That’s cool, I guess. All I’ll say is that it looks like this is going to become a semi-regular thing. Bottom line, I agreed to look at it and put my thoughts on paper, so they sent me one. I was told that I didn’t have to give it back, but I don’t know how I feel about that. Maybe I’ll do a giveaway or something later on down the line.

Referring back to the opening paragraph, I just don’t travel enough to justify having one. Let me tell you something though, remove that thought from your head right now. You don’t need to travel to justify owning one from Grail Timepieces. This watch roll could serve as a very attractive, stationary storage space for your most impressive watches.

In the short time that I’ve had to use this watch roll I’ve learned a few things. Companies take advantage of hobbyists that statistically have a lot of disposable income. And if you’re saying that I’m full of it, just think about how many watches you’ve already purchased this year. Even if the money isn’t there we make it happen somehow. Maybe you open a line of credit, maybe you sell watches regularly to make room for others, maybe you put money aside every month to feed the growling stomach of an obsessed watch enthusiast. It doesn’t really matter. Watch enthusiasts are people of action.

Another thing that I’ve learned is that you can manufacture quality goods for the budget minded enthusiast. (Insert deity here) knows that most people’s collections don’t really get smaller as time goes by. You’re always going to need something to store your watches in.

The second thing I learned only works with the third thing that I learned. The company has to be dedicated to providing a product that satisfies a need and can be obtained for very little money. Right now these things are selling for a ridiculously low price of $59. If you really tried, you could probably find that under your sofa cushions. Obviously I’m exaggerating to prove a point, but that’s cheap. I actually reached out and asked how it was even possible, but I was just told that the customer getting a quality product was the most important thing, and I gotta say, I believe it. That’s really not like me. But now that I’ve had some time with it, filled it, and poked around for imperfections, I found almost nothing to complain about.

Obviously the fact that vegan leather is being used helps cut costs, but I have other vegan leather products and they’re trash. This isn’t. Yeah, I found a place on one of the cushions where the adhesive was kinda showing, but this is a reviewer unit. I know that things like that happen. I haven’t found a single flaw on the roll itself. The stitching is tight with no frayed or protruding strands. The logo is stamped deep into the flap and looks more expensive than it is, it’s textured throughout to give off a more premium look, and it’s got some weight to it, not to mention the sturdiness.

Also, the cushions are VERY soft and moldable, allowing for all kinds of watch types to fit snugly into the roll. Oh, and did I mention that the cushions lock in place? No more rolling around while in the cargo area of the plane or in the trunk of the car. Your watches will be perfectly seated each and every time you open this baby up. I know that there are other companies that use the cushion locking system, or whatever it’s called, but for $59? I didn’t find any. None that looked this good anyway.

Now, I’m not telling you to buy one of these. Maybe you already have one, maybe you legitimately don’t need one, maybe these just don’t blow your skirt up, but if you’re on the hunt for something like this, maybe make the GT website your first stop. Another thing to mention is that my impressions of this one product have inspired me to be on the lookout for more products from GT, and new things are definitely coming.

This watch roll from Grail Timepieces is just a good product all around. I’ve tried to hate it, I’ve tried to disregard it, but I just can’t. I love to hate things, but what I love even more is when I’m wrong. I was absolutely wrong about this. I love it and I’m pretty sure you will too.

Head over to their website here and check it out. Also, don’t forget to check out the Erik’s Wrist backlog and bore yourself to tears on my incessant ramblings. Also, check out the home page to see my list of recommended goods. Thanks for coming back and I’ll see you next time.

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