Change of Heart: My Moon Swatch, YouTube, & Watch Community Thoughts

I’m sure that from the title you can already tell that this is gonna be a little different than my usual content. This isn’t a review, a rant, or even a traditional post. The first quarter of the year is already over and a lot has happened for the site, a lot has happened in the watch community, and my overall opinions about this crazy hobby have slightly changed. Using YouTube as research, communicating with readers, and looking at this hobby from a different perspective has taught me a lot. I’ve seen things that I wish that I could well, un-see, I’ve had discussions about where this site is going and what I want from it, and I’ve even considered putting my writing on hold because of some negative feelings that I’ve had recently that have caused my enjoyment of the hobby to take a hit. That’s not what I want. I never wanted that. Offending or insulting people is NEVER my intention, but if you have a problem with what I’m saying, this site just isn’t for you, and that’s genuinely okay.

I created this site to be more connected to the community. I was always aware that my opinions were a little… rough around the edges and that I’d irritate more people than I’d inform or entertain, but I’m a grown up, I can deal with a little controversy. I’d prefer to deal with conflict in person, but that’s not the world that we currently live in. I’ve even had to reach out to others in the online blogging community for advice on how to deal with negativity in a comments section. That’s new for me. In the military when you have an issue with something, you make a plan and run towards the conflict. At least that’s how it used to be. Luckily, I have the privilege of knowing a few people that actually know what they’re doing, and I just asked for a little advice. I’m better prepared for that now. I’ll admit that not much is gonna change there, though. I’m still gonna be a little opinionated.

But just as I was starting to lose faith in myself and the site, something amazing happened. More specifically, multiple amazing things have happened. And I just had to sit down and start writing. The watch community will never be the same because of the recent Omega/Swatch collaboration. I’ve started to see a change in how watch YouTubers talk to their viewers. I’ve started to see firsthand that you can’t please everyone, inform everyone, justify your opinions to everyone. I’ve looked at some really impressive watches that I’d never give the time of day because of where they’re manufactured or who manufactured them. This is good stuff. A good writer could probably make a career out of that kind of content alone. Either way, I have some thoughts and feelings. Buckle up. I may just surprise you.

Moon Swatch

Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way. It’s just a basic Swatch. Yes, it looks like an Omega Speedmaster, but it’s not. It’s powered by a quartz movement, the build quality is inferior, they’re kinda weird looking for the most part, and the strongest negative, it’s an authorized counterfeit, let’s just be honest. But here are my true feelings, it’s an absolute baller move for both companies. They’re gonna make buckets of money, “Speedmasters” will be on more wrists, and it will shed some light on an industry that some people only know of because of the James Bond franchise.

The Biggest Positive

This recent release is going to give more people the chance to be part of Omega history. At the end of the day, that’s a powerful incentive. Let’s take a deep look into ourselves for a moment. If anyone is not in favor of this release you have to wonder why. Are they a watch snob that truly believes that the Speedmaster club is exclusive? I mean, it kinda is, but does it need to be? No, it really doesn’t. You could argue that Omega already makes quartz options available, but even those are out of reach for some people. Or maybe they just have other priorities. Some or all of that is true for someone. You want a cheap knockoff that’s an authorized and legit production model to make you feel special? Just do it. No judgement here.

What Bothers Me

I’ve been watching, reading, and re-watching a lot of content about this watch. It’s all fine. What bothers me about this watch isn’t even about the watch, it’s all of these self-righteous content creators preaching about not wasting money, not giving in to the hype. I haven’t watched every bit of content out there, but I can tell you that these remarks are being made by people who own a true Speedmaster. I urge you to be critical of these commentator’s intentions. We need more people willing to ignore these people. What we don’t need is a bunch of talking heads telling us what and what not to spend our money on. We’re not idiots. We know that these aren’t true Speedmasters. We know not to give in to the hype and allow scalpers to take advantage of us. Especially when the “advice” is coming from someone with a luxury watch collection.

I really try not to call out anyone specifically because that isn’t what this site is about, but oh man, there’s one YouTuber in particular whose thoughts on this collaboration make me want to stay as far away from this hobby as possible. I’m not gonna be specific, but I’m sure some of you out there will know who I’m talking about and blindly defend this creator while you patiently wait for their Only Fans site to go live because you’ve been a reader or viewer for a long time. I look forward to your blind devotion in the comments section. Either way, use your brains and you’ll get through this. Maybe you’ll buy one, maybe you won’t, but I honestly don’t give a shit. These watches are kinda cool even though they’re barely better than garbage. Have fun with it. Wear that bitch everywhere.

YouTube Watch Reviewers Have Changed

You YouTube fan boys will love this. I am finally seeing some watch reviewers on YouTube making it clear that what they’re offering are their thoughts, not advice. That is a CLASSY move. I really respect that. I’m not naive enough to think that I’ve had any influence on this, but the timing is a little suspicious. Either way, that’s neither here nor there, but it helps me sleep at night. Now I don’t read or watch everything, I know that, but I do almost all of my research through YouTube, websites, and blogs. I can only speak to what I’ve actually seen, but I’ve noticed this more and more as the year goes on. Keep in mind that there are already some amazing creators out there who do this and have been doing this for a long time. I will call them out because you praise in public and discipline in private.

Even though his collection is beyond anything that normal people will ever see, The Time Teller has really made some strong content recently. He and I actually agree on a lot, but his delivery is way more digestible, and let’s be honest, he’s… well… he’s nicer about it, or he at least is more charming in his delivery. Ben’s Watch Club is by far my favorite. He’s just solid all around and he doesn’t hold anything back. Good for you, Ben. You don’t need my approval, but you got it. The last one is an obvious one, but The Urban Gentry has to be mentioned here. I dislike as much about his channel as I like. He’s kinda pretentious, but that makes for good television, and I’m sure that he has a good sense of humor about it. Definitely the most entertaining watch YouTuber in my opinion.

But that brings me to my main point about all of this, these channels are meant to be entertaining. We play them in the background while we work, we re-watch videos because they’re comforting and it makes it easier to wait for the next one. More importantly, we love looking at watches. And let’s not forget, a lot of these channels have watches sent to them for review. It’s really hard for me to take these “reviews” seriously when there’s no risk involved. I’m speaking to the good and the bad. I mean, I watched a video the other day where the dude spent the first five minutes talking about the negatives, but had the balls to tell me that it’s worth my money. Dude, were you high when you recorded that?

A review loses next to all credibility when it was supplied by the manufacturer. I know the magnitude of that statement. There wouldn’t be as much watch content as there is if they were the exception and not the rule. They’re good at what they do and they deserve the attention that they get. I’ll revisit my earlier point for a second; there is a lot of good out there. I know that you’re probably thinking of at least five other channels that I’m missing, but I don’t have all day. Feel free to reach out with recommendations.

In Closing

I don’t have a grand finale for this particular blog post, but I just want everyone reading this to understand how much I appreciate the time and effort required to get through my content. It really means a lot. I know that you may disagree with one or more things that I’ve said, but this is a big community. You’re bound to run into a hot take or two. But I will say this, I’ve made an effort to make it very clear that this website is different. No echo chamber nonsense in here. I’m not going to preface everything that I say anymore. You’ve read enough and visited this site enough to know that this is how I do things. If you like it, great, if not, I truly wish you the best of luck in finding something that fits your criteria. I sincerely mean that. That being said, 2022 ain’t over yet. Welcome to Erik’s Wrist.

Remember to check out Watch Crunch if you’re looking for a great place to hang out with other watch enthusiasts!

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