Vostok Amphibia: A Diver For… Everyone?

If you follow me on social media or watch forums, you’ll probably remember me posting a photo of my Vostok Amphibia the other day, but photos don’t really do much, especially on Instagram. When was the last time you came across a photo on Instagram that you “liked” and then dove deep into the actual body of the post to read the photographer’s thoughts and feelings on the related image? If you’ve actually given that post more than five seconds, you’re a better man than I, because some of that content deserves our attention. Hey, watch fam, if I’ve swiped past your most recent post without commenting, I’m sorry. It’s not personal. Instagram is for sitting on the toilet. Ironic, right? That whole platform belongs in the toilet. Yet I still use it. What am I supposed to do? I’m never near a newspaper. But seriously, I don’t read on Instagram enough. I just look at the pictures; I feel like a four year old fingering my way through a picture book and making up the story as I go. That being said, I’m going to assume that you didn’t read what I wrote either, so here’s Part 1 of my Instagram companion series.

I actually laughed at my own writing there. Don’t worry, I’m getting professional help. Anyway, I kinda feel like I went on a little long there, so let’s get into it.

Eye of the Beholder

I’m on the record for thinking that Vostok watches are the absolute ugliest watches on the planet. Let me rephrase, they are the absolute ugliest affordable watches on the planet. We all know that there are much uglier watches out there. Some stupid expensive ones too. Yikes, what are some of these manufacturers doing?! That being said, we freaking love these things anyway. I’ll admit that I can’t help but love and respect these watches for multiple reasons. My buddy Tom over at The Graying Area doesn’t love them, though. Usually I’m the critical one, but he is not a fan. That’s okay. I actually respect that he had the guts to defy me in his general dislike for the look of these things too. By the way, check out his blog. It’s better than mine and he’s way more likable. Why he puts up with my sourpuss is a mystery to me.

Let’s talk about the look of these watches one more minute. I don’t know why they look like this, who came up with the idea to disgust their customers before winning their hearts, or that weird little, wobbly crown that at first glance looks broken right out of the box, but we all know that the design of that crown has a very specific purpose. It’s actually kinda ingenious. Seriously, read up on it. It’s like engineering or something.

Amphibia is the Best

When it comes to price, size, design, shape, selection, and you know… that wobbly crown, the Amphibia is the king. I have this little, conservatively designed Amphibia that fits perfectly and doesn’t scream like a banshee while on wrist. I threw an Elite Silicone strap from Barton on there and it’s an absolutely perfect go anywhere, do anything watch. I do wish that a 20mm lug width was more common on these things, but I get it, 18mm just fits with the aesthetic more for their liking. It’s a choice they made, I gotta respect that. They’re sticking to it.

You know what else completely wrecks me, but gets a great deal of my respect? Their originality. If you’re in the watch collecting game, you know one when you see one. You can’t miss it. Someone walks by with an Amphibia on their wrist, and you’re waving that person down. I dare you to disagree with that.

Not A Review

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a reviewer. I don’t really enjoy that. I’ve never really done a traditional review. That’s not my shtick. I would even go as far to say that I don’t know how to do one properly. Plus, I can really only review what I have. I don’t have connections to receive review models, I’m not part of a “review tour” or whatever they’re called, and reviews really only feel like sales pitches. That’s just me. You may feel differently. I’m talking about the Amphibia in this way because this is what I enjoy. It’s a conversation with the internet. I’m yelling into a bottomless void where someone may accidentally bump into my words on the way to a site that they actually WANT to visit. Who knows, maybe someone will see this post and read about an Amphibia for the first time. And you know what? That’s a win/win.

In Closing

I’m a critical guy, I know. But I really do love watches. More specifically, I really love my Amphibia. It just works in my collection. I don’t really do traditional divers because that’s not what fits into my collection. However, I really enjoy things that are different. My collection is proof. I mentioned in my first post that I really love how watches make me feel. I don’t really put too much weight on specs because that just seems shallow to me. There is a lot more to this hobby than checking a bunch of boxes. I do what feels right and screw the rest. We may disagree on 99% of the things that I touch on in these posts, but if I can get a single person to buy on feel then I’ve done something right. I really appreciate your reading. We probably aren’t so different. I just may be louder.

If you want to see more, please take a look at the rest of my blog here. Stay sane in this insane world, and do you to the best of your ability.

Remember to check out Watch Crunch if you’re looking for a great place to hang out with other watch enthusiasts!

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