Timex Expedition North Tide-Temp-Compass: Unnecessary Functions In A Weirdly Perfect Package

First of all, I apologize for the gap between posts, but I’ve been working on a videogame backlog that would make The Angry Videogame Nerd shout obscenities about poop and stuff. I’m not proud of it, but this backlog spans about twenty-three years. Backlogs of this kind are the most fun you’ll ever have when a self imposed obligation is involved. Like this post if you know what I’m talking about.

Unfortunately, I’m not here to talk about videogames, maybe one day, but no, not right now. I actually have the rare honor of talking about a watch that I was 100% sure I’d hate, but my soul was filled with anything but hate the moment the box was opened. I’ll give you a quick rundown of how I obtained this watch in the first place, and then we’ll go from there.


I was celebrating my birthday, I think. Good times were being had and I… you know… had a few. “NEVER do this” is what I would have told you last year. I would’ve told you that if you needed any outside influence to justify a watch purchase, you don’t really want it. Sounds pretty solid, right? Anyway, the watch showed up on my feed… somewhere and I was like “Oh man, that’s friggin’ cool”. I went through a wide range of emotions all within about five minutes.

“Sapphire crystal? Awesome. 43mm case size? I’ll pass. This thing’s got a compass that works in real time? Holy crap, I gotta have this thing. High and low tide indicator? Why? 20mm lug width? Sign me up”.

That last one is incorrect, though, the lug width is 22mm. The specs on the Timex website are either bait or an editor somewhere needs to be replaced. I’ll throw my hat in that ring. Either way, the shame dissipated almost immediately when I opened the box. I was actually gonna return the watch without even opening the package, you know, to be responsible, but my wife of all people told me that it could represent a birthday gift to myself. That sounded nuts. I mean, we’re talking about a Timex here. I was already saving for something this year and it sure as hell wasn’t for a Timex Expedition. Luckily, Timex doesn’t really make models that you need to “save” for. I know and respect that everyone’s budget is different, but you know what I mean. Either way, happy birthday to me because I absolutely love this thing.

Obligatory Watch Snob Comments

Okay yeah, it’s freaking huge, the alignment on the minute track is jacked up, there’s a friction bezel, it only has 100 meters of water resistance, Timex should’ve gone with a solar movement, but my adoration for this watch is anything but spec related. I adore it because I just do, and that’s the point right?

The size doesn’t bother me because of a few things. The lugs don’t go over my wrist, it’s compact, it’s solid, the functions are easier to use because of its size, and the gunmetal look gives it a “black is slimming” aesthetic. That’s really it.


Here’s the real meat and potatoes of the post. I just like it. I’m not trying to sell this watch or even encourage you to buy one. That’s not what I do, but also because this was a big risk, especially because I wasn’t completely myself when I actually clicked the “Complete Purchase” button. I will admit that when I originally saw this thing, I reached out to Timex and asked them to send one to me for review, but they ignored me. Yeah I know, I’m a nobody, but I just thought that it was worth a shot. But somewhere between my first look at it and you know… buying it, something clicked in my head, something that just felt right, and I knew that the only way that I’d be able to get my hands on it would be to buy it for myself. I always figured that if I hated it, I got enough of a discount that I’d be able to get my money back on eBay or something.

The title mentions that the functions are unnecessary, but that’s not really true. They may be unnecessary to me, but they work. Sure, you have to calibrate everything, but I could see a lover of the outdoors keeping this watch stored with their camping or hiking gear.

In Closing

Ya done good, Timex. You got me, and as some of you out there know, I’m kind of a hard sell. I’ve read some comments on my posts over at Watch Crunch (you know, the “positive” watch forum) that would make a softer man completely afraid of being opinionated ever again. Why some folks feel the need to defend complete strangers on YouTube or other watch journalists is beyond me. The owners of these watch channels and websites aren’t your friends, and neither am I. I’m just a dude with a watch habit and too much spare time. “Fanboying” and tissue paper thin skin are weaknesses. Debate is healthy.

Either way, I really like this watch. Honestly, it’s more than a watch, it’s a tool, it’s multiple tools really. It’s also a lesson. I learned something. I learned that occasionally your first impulse is the right one, and sometimes even when liquid courage is involved.

Remember before the big exam when your teachers, professors, or whomever would remind you that your first answer was usually the right one? Yeah, me neither, but if they did say that, they were probably talking about watches. But… and it’s a big but, that’s not always the case. However, that doesn’t change the fact that chances should be taken. Some mistakes can be reversed and some turn out to be happy accidents. My mother told me that my brother was a happy accident. So… not really the same thing. Never mind. Take chances. There, point made.

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