Vero Crown Point: Designed for More Than Adventure

Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a reviewer, I’m not a journalist, and this is NOT a review. This is the result of an impulsive, uncontrollable need to tell fellow hobbyists, watch enthusiasts specifically, about a recent decision that changed my entire outlook on the world of watch collecting. This post is in no way meant to influence anyone out there to purchase the product which is the inspiration for these words. I do have a point, there is an end goal here, but this community is poisoned by paid influencers and internet personalities that carry the brunt of the blame for gullible consumers spending hard earned money on products that they don’t need.

We all want to be part of something. I get it. I do too, but we want it so badly sometimes and for so long that we forget to stop… and look around us, forgetting that we ARE part of something. Something bigger than us. Because it’s not about collection size, money spent, what brands are in our box, or that glorious moment when we can finally justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on something that we don’t need, but want so badly that we can feel it in our teeth. And when we’re finally opening that clam shell case for the first time and it reveals a watch sitting awkwardly on a pillow and not at all positioned in the way that we had imagined it doing so in our minds, we die a little inside. There were no fireworks. We don’t hear cheering. There is no immediate phone call from your favorite YouTuber congratulating you on your arrival to the cool kid club.

A watch is just a chunk or metal, filled with a lot more metal. Sometimes silicone, rubber, and batteries are thrown into what modern people would call a useless accessory in 2021. That’s it. That’s all it is, but we love them. We sell things in order to buy them. We go into debt in order to own them. And we fight with our spouses or significant others to be part of a community. So why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through the gauntlet of potential disappointment every month, quarter, year, decade? Well, I think that I finally know why. And I’ve finally found the watch that brought me to this realization.

The Crown Point by Vero is in my very humble opinion, the most interesting time piece in modern watchmaking, and I promise you that it’s not for the reasons you think. On paper it’s a 200m dive watch that measures in at 41mm in case diameter, 47mm lug to lug, 11mm thick, has 20mm lug width, and made of 316L stainless steel that is bead blasted throughout. The movement inside is a Sellita SW-200-1. Atop the case is a DLC coated bezel and protecting the dial is a flat sapphire crystal with interior AR coating.

You can purchase the watch and check out the specs here. The specs sheet shows that the case diameter is 40mm, but the case back shows 41mm. Do what you want with that information.

More to the point, this is a great set of specs. For any watch. Especially from a small, I’m going to call it “Ameri-Swiss” made dive watch, but I’m not here to talk about specs. I’m really not. I’m not going to tell you how unique the watch is, you can click the link for that. I’m not going to talk about how buying this watch was the best watch purchase that I made all year. Everything is subjective and more importantly, every purchase is or should be based on personal preference. It’s a great watch. There, I said it, but a great watch didn’t inspire me to wake up on a Sunday morning, put on clothes from the day before, go through two cups of coffee within a ten minute period, and just plop myself down in my office chair and start typing away. It takes a lot to get me to do that. Trust me. I’ve started and stopped this blog half a dozen times without publishing a single thing in a year. Like I said, I’m not a journalist, I have a creative writing background. This is about how this watch makes me feel.

This watch makes me feel like it’s all been worth it – the countless purchases that haven’t worked out, the money lost on flipping those failures and putting money back into my account so that I can try again. The thousands of YouTube videos that I labored through in order to educate and inform myself on what to buy, what to look for, how to know if something is well made, unique, worth my time, worth my money, and at the same time being told that the Orient Bambino is the best blah, blah, blah, freaking blah. We sit for hours being preached to, sold on, “educated”, and for what, to buy a bunch of stuff that ninety percent of the YouTube community agrees on? No, thank you.

Unfortunately, putting yourself through the ringer like this is necessary. Information is power. The more you know, the more informed you can be in your next watch hunt and ultimately, purchase. We need YouTube, watch journalists, review sites, and word of mouth. We need all of it. We need to spend money, lose money, try different watch types and styles. We need to try and fail, but we need those little victories in order to know that we’re on the right track.

Let’s go back to the Vero Crown Point for a moment, since it’s the inspiration for this post. Purchasing the Vero Crown Point has finally made me realize that I don’t need those influences anymore. I know what I’m doing now.

Earlier I mentioned that I finally know why I do this. I mentioned why the Vero Crown Point was the watch that brought me to the previously mentioned realization. You want to know why I do this? It’s because it’s something that I do for me, and only me. It’s my hobby, it’s the ups and downs, it’s the jabber boxes constantly blathering on about watches this and watches that. It’s the excitement that I get when I catch myself checking the time every fifteen minutes on mail day. It’s the lows and highs and everything in between. It’s the fact that I absolutely know that this chance that I took on a micro brand from Portland, Oregon was the best possible watch that I could buy with the knowledge and wisdom that I’ve obtained over the last several years. I absolutely love this watch, and it’s mine. I made this decision and I don’t regret it for a single second.

And as the title suggests, this watch is designed for more than adventure. It’s designed to remind us all why we do this.

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